Offering Critical Design and Execution Needs for Seamless Projects

At Rellius, we fulfill critical design and execution needs and bridge them, creating stress-free projects for our customers.

We implement a four-phase methodology (scope, plan, build, and launch) to tailor to your needs and provide you with a system that will minimize your operational costs.

Steps taken during the launch contributes significantly towards the success of a project. Once each project is finished, we perform a site audit. This audit will evaluate whether or not you are maximizing the benefits from these systems.

Although we give users thorough training before the implementation process, we also offer on-site support as the launch phase is taking place. We highly recommend undergoing this training so that you have all the information available to you and be able to troubleshoot during any scenario. You will also be able to ensure that you can handle upcoming new procedures and carry out daily routines as effectively as possible.

Delivering all projects on time and on budget

15+Countries served

Our platform, which features on-demand warehousing and fulfillment technology, successfully serves more than 15 countries. This platform is powerful but is simple to use – all you need is our help to get your tools up and running.

43+ MillionSquare Feet Delivered

Our warehousing network has delivered to 43+ million square feet and keeps you connected at all times. That means you can add services or capacity whenever you want while accessing our extensive on-demand network.

246K+ Operations Robots Inducted

We are proud to have 246K+ operations robots inducted so that you can maximize your visibility and control in our warehousing network. This way, you can appeal to your customers with faster operations.

Operating for over 10 years
Delivered over 10 million sq ft projects to date
Committed to safety, quality and success

Request a Complimentary Consultation

At Rellius, we support our customers and their daily operations by providing warehouse providers that are secure and reputable. We also work closely with you and offer you insights that will improve how you go about fulfilling orders and using warehousing to your advantage.

Professional Warehouse Services

Installation, Project Management and Site Supervision, Preventative Maintenance, Inspections and Repairs